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Have you considered automating your B2B customer service? Here's how it could help benefit your business.

Andrei Papancea

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No matter the industry, customer service is at the heart of every business. 

However, the customer experience often gets overlooked in B2B businesses, and that trend is expected to continue. Gartner predicted that “by 2025, 60% of B2B sales organizations’ digital sales optimization projects will not meet customer experience goals because of focusing on operational targets only.”

Conversational AI technology is an advanced solution that can help brands quickly improve their customer experience by offering 24/7 personalized, automated customer self-service. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re a B2B business that supplies automotive parts for 150+ local repair shops in your state. Service teams from dealers are regularly reaching out to find out the status of an order, or some of your less tech-savvy clients may even call to place orders. 

Conversational AI can help you automate simple B2B inquiries, saving your business from hiring a larger customer service team to handle these inquiries, while also better utilizing your team’s time to respond to more difficult inquiries. When implemented properly, Conversational AI empowers your customers to solve their own inquiries, at their own pace, 24/7, whenever and wherever. 

The automated self-service tools also allow your customers to seamlessly transition between voice, chat, and multimodal channels, choosing the best medium for that specific step in the process. For example, if a local shop is calling to place an order for a part, you can use multimodal Conversational AI to text or email them a link to type the part number to you - removing friction and frustration from any voice inputs. 

Furthermore, Conversational AI can help you personalize the customer experience for that local automotive shop, adding that same special touch your customer service representative might have, but without needing to wait on hold or utilize employee time. According to a May 2022 Forrestor report, “Sixty-three percent of B2B marketers are using personalization in the tactic mix; the top three approaches are tailoring content using personal information, buyer need, and alignment to specific industries.” Personalization, when used effectively, can increase automation, thus reducing escalations to a live person, which can ultimately positively impact the efficiency of your company and the bottom line. (Especially with business models like NLX’s cost-effective pay-as-you-go, usage-based pricing!) 

One final note on personalization – because it’s just that important – not only is it helpful to you and your business, but your customers expect it: “86% of B2B customers expect companies to be well-informed about their personal information during a service interaction, according to a survey by Gartner, Inc.”

These benefits can be applied across a myriad of B2B product and service industries, from automotive to retail, to health and wellness and beyond. 

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Andrei Papancea

Andrei is our CEO and swiss-army knife for all things natural language-related.

He built the Natural Language Understanding platform for American Express, processing millions of conversations across AmEx’s main servicing channels.

As Director of Engineering, he deployed AWS across the business units of Argo Group, a publicly traded US company, and successfully passed the implementation through a technical audit (30+ AWS accounts managed).

He teaches graduate lectures on Cloud Computing and Big Data at Columbia University.

He holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University.