Conversations by NLX

The conversational AI platform enterprise teams rely on to deliver automation.

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Conversations by NLX
Getting started is easy

Our no-code platform makes building, managing, and analyzing automated conversations across channels simple.

  • Build the best: Create world-class multimodal, voice, and chat experiences at the speed of thought using an easy yet elegant, intuitively-designed platform.

  • Deploy anywhere: Utilize the same bot in any number of chat or voice channels while tailoring the content to match the medium.

  • Analyze everything: Eliminate guess-work and gain peace of mind with robust analytics and alerting capabilities.

Enterprise LLMs

Leverage Google Gemini, Amazon Titan, Claude 3, and other LLMs

NLX Boost™

Improve intent detection accuracy of standard NLPs


Take advantage of the latest advancements from OpenAI

Knowledge Base

Enable generative responses from knowledge sources that you trust

Generative AI Capabilities
Conversations by NLX integrates the latest advancements in Generative AI and Large Language Models
Unmatched channel support
Build conversational applications across any combination of channels

Deploy bots across chat, voice, and our patented multimodal technology to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.


NLX has been one of the best technology partners for Mon Cheri Bridals. The discovery and design process with NLX was thorough, and the installation process was excellent. They continue to be responsive, and we rely on their product every day to deliver a better experience for our customers.

VP of Operations


Outstanding performance
95 %+
Intent detection accuracy via NLX Boost™
85 %+
CSAT for multimodal journeys
97 %+
Slot detection accuracy
90 +
Supported languages and locales

SOC 2 Type II compliant

GDPR compliant

HIPAA compliant

PII/PHI masking

End-to-end encryption, at rest and in transit

Security & Privacy
Conversations by NLX has been architected with security and privacy at its core
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