Effective, agile conversation automation: NLX integration with Amazon Chime SDK

This integration brings conversational AI to places that were previously untouchable.

Andrei Papancea


NLX is proud to announce an out–of–the–box integration with Amazon Chime SDK, the technology powering the underlying voice, video, and messaging channels behind Amazon Chime Meetings. 

The integration brings conversational AI to places that were previously untouchable. It doesn’t matter if your contact center infrastructure is on-prem, entirely cloud-based, or somewhere in between. With our combined capabilities you can now bring scaleable, context-aware, omnichannel support to your customers no matter where a conversation starts (i.e. chat) and stops (i.e. voice). 

We believe this integration to be a step-function change in performance for businesses investing in the future of their omnichannel and conversational AI strategies. As customer expectations become more demanding we are making it easy to keep pace by enhancing your existing channels without having to touch or upgrade any of your core infrastructure. It’s an approach that keeps costs and resources in check while delighting your customers and improving NPS.

Businesses can unlock the power of their entire customer experience team today with the NLX and Amazon Chime SDK solution. Conversations by NLX is a no-code platform for both technical and non-technical teams to build, manage, and analyze all automated conversations in one universal location. And if you’d rather take a hands-off approach our team can be deployed to build and support end-to-end experiences in collaboration with you.  

Plus, the conversational AI platform integrates with all digital channels, systems, and unique business processes brands already use within minutes, meaning brands can obtain the benefits of automation - like 80%+ automation rates and 85%+ customer satisfaction scores - faster and more cost-effectively. 

Watch our tutorial on how to integrate Amazon Chime SDK with NLX here.  

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Andrei Papancea

Andrei is our CEO and swiss-army knife for all things natural language-related.

He built the Natural Language Understanding platform for American Express, processing millions of conversations across AmEx’s main servicing channels.

As Director of Engineering, he deployed AWS across the business units of Argo Group, a publicly traded US company, and successfully passed the implementation through a technical audit (30+ AWS accounts managed).

He teaches graduate lectures on Cloud Computing and Big Data at Columbia University.

He holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University.